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blue nail polish and the heart

i can't help but giggle a bit at the above piece of art. at first glance, you may think it was designed with a trend in mind. well, i'm not gonna lie, it was, sort of :) but it was a trend i can get behind as it was created out of an expression of our families story. our call to listen to our hearts and to find love. but mostly, i giggle because lilly (my hand model) is wearing blue nail polish. as i was working the piece i debated about photoshopping out the color and just couldn't. the blue on her nails is part of her creative expression and how she listens to her heart. we use the word "heart" around our house all the time. we talk about our heart in terms of an organ and how it pumps within our bodies to support life and how we must keep our heart healthy by eating the right foods and exercising. but, more often, we refer to our hearts as more than just an organ within us but as a window to our soul. we have found a better understanding to the wonderful mystery and beauty of love through our hearts. dave and i work hard to help our kids better understand themselves through their hearts. the language in our house is often in reference to how our heart feels. we even refer to our therapists as our "heart doctor". it's a beautiful thing to look within our hearts, find love, God, inspiration, and creative selves. what is your heart telling you today?

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