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taking time to play

i have been working hard to play more. even writing that sounds strange. when do things shift in our life that we need to schedule in time to "play"? it's probably when the stress of bills, marriage, friendships, work, school, etc. start screaming for our attention. Or even worse, when our inner voice starts mocking you for dreaming, thinking outside the box, or believing in something bigger.

playing for me, right now, looks like going into the studio and making a mess, putting paint on canvas and not caring what emerges. it's about turning the music up and singing loud. it's about daydreaming and believing I can do anything or go anywhere.

what does playing look like for you? not for you and anyone else, just you?

i may or may not have been singing, "clean-up, clean-up everybody everywhere" when it was time to wash out my paint tray.

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