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give a girl a glue gun

to follow is my latest article, Give a Girl a Glue Gun over at LTD Commodities in their Designer Showcase. i am one lucky girl to be working with such a great company!

i adore crafting with my kids. The priceless time spent around our craft table with scraps of fabric, paper, buttons, paints, crayons, and glue guns—alongside the endless imagination of my children—never ceases to amaze me. Throughout the years, our family crafts have evolved from scribbles on a scrap piece of paper to the painting of family masterpieces to life-size cardboard robots with working knobs and dials.As my children have gotten older, so has their ability and confidence to use the tools available to them for crafting, opening their eyes and imagination to the possibility of creating whatever they choose. My daughter has a particularly adorable relationship with her glue gun and her ability to make her dreams become a reality is nothing less than inspiring with her glue gunin hand.

Over five years ago, my sweet little girl found the world of glue guns and since then hasn't looked back. She was only 5 years old when she emerged from the family craft room with her version of a pop-up book, taking her doll house figures and hot-gluing them to a sheet of scrapbook paper. Just last week she created an entire gymnastics stadium—including uneven bars, vault, and trampoline—with Popsicle sticks, fabric and the infamous glue gun. She has gone on to play for hours with her doll and her homemade gymnasium! Although a lot of her learning about the glue gun came through trial and error, she has done an amazing job of immersing herself in glue gun knowledge by way of instructional videos, articles and crafting books. Due to her love for crafting and desire to create, she took it upon herself to learn how to use her favorite tool to its fullest potential.

As I think about my daughter and her ability to dream, create and learn, I can't help but be inspired—not just in new ways to use a glue gun, but ways in which I may be able to look at the tools I use regularly differently. I am inspired to use my imagination to create from the tools I have and allow my mind to drift and dream and take the time to learn more.

For me it's my camera. I love photographing my kids, friends, parties, and scenic spots. It is my tool of choice. However, I don't spend a lot of time thinking how I might be able to use my camera differently or how I might be able to learn new tricks. For some reason, I have convinced myself I don't have the time. I wonder how my craft would change if I took the time to read more articles or take a photography class? Like me, I hope you find the inspiration to learn more about the craft you love and be empowered by what you learn to dream and create more! ++++++++++ it's so much fun to brag on my kids. i'd love to hear what you have learned from your kids. grace and peace

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