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painting over fear

when i look at a blank canvas my initial thought/feeling is straight up fear. my insecurity rises to max capacity as i think about the cost of materials, lack of knowledge and know how, what the heck am i going to paint and the preverbial, why? why am i even doing this? however, as each color is laid to rest on the canvas, is squeezed out and smeared i find my heart slowing down and my joy meter rising. not because i've created anything fabulous or even something i like. it's because i am painting over my fear. literally. i am going for it. trusting the excercise will usher in color, life, something new.

in an effort to boost my creative mojo and squash my fear of painting i have challenged myself to be intentional about learning new techniques, taking an online class and painting at least one new piece a week just for fun. i look forward to posting my creations as the year goes on and hopefully sharing some of what i learn along my journey.


so, here it goes. on this piece i worked on layering paint, mark making, color wash, adding words, and of course playing with funky flowers.

#abstract #painting #flowers #studiotime

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